Building a winning soccer parlay

One of the most popular bets in Dubai is the soccer accumulator or multiple. We commonly call them ‘accas’, ‘parlays’ or ‘multis’ and it’s obvious to see why this has grown in popularity with the chance of laying down a small stake to win a massive payout.

Before we rush off and start building these bets, we need to understand a bit more on how they work to give us the best chance of bringing one home.

Background On Soccer Betting and Building Multis

The Advantages Of The Multi

The advantage of an accumulator is that the payout rapidly escalates due to the profits from each bet being reinvested on the bet on the next leg. With this, though, comes increased risk as it only takes one leg of your bet to lose and the whole bet is gone.

Spread Your Interest

The second advantage of laying down a multi is that for a small outlay you can have an interest in many different soccer games. There’s nothing stopping you from having the top teams from England, Italy, France, Germany and Spain in the same multiple as your Emirates Premiership teams.

Right Place, Right Time

The third advantage is that you can include matches taking part at the same time in one bet. With so many games kicking off at once on a Saturday you wouldn’t be able to bet, get your profits out and bet on the next game – and that’s where the accumulator plays to your advantage. You can also add in other sports or long term bets if you like – just make sure that they aren’t related bets!

How It Works

Let’s take a look at an example of how the odds rapidly rise when placing an accumulator.

If you bet AED10 on the following four-leg accumulator





Your initial stake returns AED 40 when Spurs beat Arsenal (AED 30 winnings plus your AED 10 stake)

This AED 40 becomes your stake on the Everton v Liverpool game and pays out AED 200 (160 winnings plus 40 stake)

The AED 400 goes on Manchester United to beat City and by the same calculation returns AED 800

You’ve now got AED 800 on Fulham to beat Chelsea and when they do, you’ve turned AED 10 into an impressive AED 3,600

Small stakes massive profits

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