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Sure Bets


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What is Sure Betting

100% sure winning with sportsbettingA sure bet, also called an arbitrage bet, arises when bookmakers have different payouts on the outcome of a sporting match. By placing one bet per each outcome with different bookmakers, you can make a profit regardless of the outcome.

Sure betting is a betting procedure which allows you to place one bet per each outcome with different bookmakers in a way that guarantees a profit. 

A sure bet opportunity pop us when there is a difference between odds that allow a profit to be made by covering all the outcomes with different bookmakers. A sure bet can arise when there are two outcomes (like in a basketball game, tennis match, or a football under/over bet), but also when there are multiple outcomes, such as in Football betting. 

Sure bet opportunities arise when bookmakers disagree on the outcome of the match, or when some odds’ compiler in their office makes a mistake when determining the odds.


Is sure betting allowed at a bookmaker and is it legal?

Sure Betting is legit, but it doesn’t come as a surprise that most bookmakers don’t like the sure betting action. The simple reason behind is it is costing them loads of money. However, identifying sure bettors has proven to be a real challenge, for bookmakers. Sure bets opportunities doesn’t often appear in big matches between the big teams in the leagues. Which makes it harder for the bookies to detect sure bettors.

When you keep winning money, smart bookmakers will start to monitor your betting activity and, if they find some suspecting betting patterns, bookmakers might decide your account to be restricted or closed, sometimes without warning. There are bookmakers that claim they will never restrict or close accounts, and in general we don’t hear many stories about restriction by our visitors.

How much money can I make with sure betting

Is sure betting allowed at a bookmaker and is it legal?

Sure bet opportunities are mostly available on a daily basis. The profit is usually not very high, and you must think of profit percentages like 2%. Nevertheless, it is a guaranteed profit and when you keep on stacking the profit rises quickly into a nice figure.  On some days however, you can find amazing sure bets value with profits of up to 10%. Just by keeping an eye on the sure bet market. Sure betting take a bit of time to master, requires patience and most of all accuracy. All winnings at bookmakers are tax-free.

While not being risk-free, an average disciplined sure bettor reach a very high return on investment compared with other investment methods; an average of 10 percent to 15 per cent per month is common. Which is not a bad thing AT ALL.

In some countries it’s not possible due to bookmakers not accepting citizens of that country per gambling board law requirements. Living as an expat in Dubai, Qatar or in unregulated markets such as Brazil and Canada makes it possible due to the fact plenty of bookies accepting residents from these countries.


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